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 We provide resources to help you value your business so you make the most of your investments.

Financial Report

Comprehensive Valuation Services

Colleagues in Meeting

Discrete and Confidential Marketing Services


Due Dilligence Management Services

Using a combination of comparison market sales through various resources, historical business pricing guides and our extensive experience selling businesses, we will provide you a full understanding of the value of your business.

We will create advertisements and website postings that will describe enough about your business to help a buyer understand the business and its attributes, without disclosing the business. 

We also develop comprehensive, discreet and confidential business profiles and marketing packages that include a detailed description of products and services, numerical and other factual data, market position, growth opportunities and a forecast earnings analysis.

We have extensive experience in helping guide you through the process of providing a buyer with necessary information to evaluate your business, as well as helping the buyer (and his financial and legal advisors) understand this information so they will feel comfortable enough to proceed to closing.

Pointing Pen and Finger on Document

Negotiation Experience

Signing Contract

Closing The Sale

Understanding and incorporate the important details of a particular business into a comprehensive letter of intent which provides attorneys with a clear road map for formalizing a sale.

Through our extensive experience selling hundreds of businesses, we are able to quickly and adeptly assist in helping to overcome obstacles found on the path to closing a sale.


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